still dont know your love

dont live my life like theres no tomorrow,
dont realize time is only borrowed,
I fill my mind with many useless things that slow my speed.
on my way so many wrong decisions,
lack of strength and lack of vision,
Im not aware of the love you have for me,
so I am falling on my knees.

Im sorry, Lord, for all the time I wasted,
Im sorry, Lord, for all the sin I tasted,
Im sorry, Lord, for all the time that I know you
and I still dont know your love

how come I so often fail to listen,
what keeps me busy so the time is missing?
what makes me think I can live
a single day without your word?
what makes wicked sin so attractive?
how come it draws me from the Lord for whom I live?
how come I often believe the lies
thow I know they wont fill me up inside.

will I ever really come to know you?
I hear you say: my son will show you!
could it be that He even died for me?
if I may, I wanna come to your cross,
lay my life down and give you my loss
and believe that your love can even set me free
so Im falling on my knees...

(Copyright 2008 by Dime to Destiny)