Only One

You're looking for you way, there are so many different kinds offered today, you don't know what to choose, seems like a battle you can only lose - some say you gotta find yourself, others think you need some Voodoo doll on your shelf, 'life's just a game', some may say, 'it's a loosing battle, why don't you throw it away?'

You say you've tried it all before, but you never found an open door, you never actually found the truth, so you keep on looking - desire keeps on pulling you through, it makes you shuffle your feet, makes you walk around to cool down this terrible heat, makes you wanna cry, but I can tell you there is someone standing by your side

The one way to life is Jesus Christ, the godsent son will stand by your side, the only way to God is the one who died for you - he died for you!!

One way to life - (one way to love) - one way to God - (one way to heaven) - one way to eternity - (one way to truth)

One way to place you've never been before.