not on my own

late at night
when you‘re all alone
and sin comes round to take you far away from home
and it will fight
and it will lie
and it will try to break you down and make you cry

I can‘t do it on my own - no!

my will maybe strong,
but my flesh is weak, yeah
I wanna walk your ways but choose a dead end street
yeah and I will fight
but I will fail
if you don‘t back me up and lift me once again

I can‘t do it on my own - no!

Lord I thank you for your mercy
that you still waste your thoughts on me
and I thank you for forgiveness
by your grace I‘ve been set free
I can step into your presence
I can come before your throne
I‘m not afraid to see your face no more,
cause I didn‘t clean mine on my own...

I didn‘t do it on my own - no!

(Copyright 2008 by Dime to Destiny)